Tupac is a legendery rapper, though he is a slain rapper, who mainly performed the genre which he is father of - gangsta rap, he also made life raps about the world and its struggles. His major album "Strictly for my niggaz," brought Tupac to the world, followed by his Albums "All eyes on me" and "Me Against the World" (which earned him double platnuims). Though he was born in a ghetto like area, he earned his money through Death Row Records, headed by Suge Knight, eventually giving him the funds to afford his Mansion in the high society of California. Unfortunetly Tupac was gunned down in 1996. His death has many unsoved mysteries. But till today he remains the greatest rapper and advocate of the HIP-HOP world.
Tupac: "No one dies a virgin, life fucks everybody"
by Tyrese Shakur October 05, 2003
One of the greatest persons of all time, not just in hip hop but every part of him was great, his mind, his ideas, his poetry, his music.
He will never be forgotten, and his music always lives on.
Thug Life
Makaveli "Tha Don" Killumanati
by Tragik November 26, 2003
one of da greatest rappers who ever lived. He didnt let anyone get him down no matter how hard they tried. He was one of da truest gangstas around. He was shot in 1996 and died on Friday the 13th, they still haven't found his murderers, and there r thoughts he is and lives in south america.
Tupac was one of the realist niggas ever 2 live
by Jadaline January 29, 2005
The Best Rap Artist to rap rhymes with raw but gracious poetry.It doesn't matter if Pac is dead or alive he will be remembered greatly.Weither your in heaven or earth plese come back Pac!
When I was comin up rough that wasn't even what you called it
That's why I smoke blunts now and run with alcoholics
I'm gettin, threats to me, comin from my enemies
And, in they dreams it's, Hell where they sendin me
by anonymous January 07, 2005
An aspiring musician, poet, politician, and soldier, that has changed the lives of many Black Americans, and taught them to stand up for their rights, and to always question authorities. June 17, 1971 - September 13, 1996
Tupac's lyrics are the sh*t!
by Mo September 12, 2003
The greatest rapper ever who lived a good life, did everything and is looked up to by every single new rapper. He survived 5 shots the first time and died in vegas, he aint alive. The truest nigga eva.
"I got shot 5 times and im still breathin livin proof theres a god if u need a reason"
by B-uNit(Raheem BHOJA) September 03, 2003
He was a beautiful person,witha great heart,a nd a great mind frame.He was gifted way beyond his years.A legend reguardless of what the haterz think.He will never be forgotten,nor will his work/and way of life.
A ghetto prince, a definition of tupac.
A beatiful person,definition of tupac.
A black angel, a definition of tupac
by BABY PAC November 29, 2003
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