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Short for WhaT UP
Dude, I haven't seen you in for ever! Tups dude!?
by Alyster August 06, 2008
10 21
1. sex between sheep
2. to fuck like an animal
1. "An old black ram is tupping your white ewe." (Shakespeare's "Othello," 1.1.81-90)

2. "Yo, I tupped that bitch last night."
by il Struzzo May 07, 2007
57 21
To smoke weed
-Yo, lets t up that endo after school
by TheChronic1 June 09, 2009
47 17
to have sex with a female goat
i tupped ur goat last night, she gives good milk
by TUPMASTER0 November 07, 2003
62 34
A term used by the band One Night Only.
It is used to say a person, band or crowd is cool or rocks. It can also be used to show respect for whomever you are talking to.
In moments of hilarity it can be used to say how funny the person or group that made the joke is.
*nods head* tup
by gilly_mckaa July 25, 2011
32 13
A way to describe something or someone cute, nice, sweet or any other positive trait. A term of affection.
That little girl helping to rescue a cat is so tup!
by Sabez b April 20, 2013
10 1
In ShakeSpeare it's used as a nicer way of saying sex/fucking/mating

but you can use it now, and not many people will know what you're saying

its trick;)
"hay baby let's tupp;) asking to fuck

"time to tup?"

"im DTT down to tup" instead of dtf down to fuck
by BabbyBird April 05, 2011
14 9
To have sex in the pre-Culloden Highlands. See Highlander books by Moning.
"you've tupped every maiden in the village, what now?"
by Freemp January 17, 2005
50 45