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A Tunny is a male or female (whatever they feel like being that morning) that is a natural ginger with cute freckles. Tunnies are usually artists, bronies, and demon possums. Tunnies are a rare breed, and usually only reside in New Mexico, but are also spotted quite frequently on Tumblr.
Boy: Hey, did you see that Tunny girl the other day?
Girl: You mean that Tunny boy?
Both: They're just so androgynous, I can't tell!
by EccentricPaw August 27, 2011
Tuna is unavailable within 50 miles of Newcastle, however there is a delicious alternative with a similar name:


Tunny is often purchased in the "smartprice" or "value" variety by Geordies who love it for the following reasons:

1. It's cheap.
2. It’s fishy.
Aye G, wanna Tunny sandwich?

Aye, clas.
by Tim Westwood April 15, 2005
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