1. a sweet way of saying that someone is being silly
My girlfriend can be a tunis sometimes!
by sassypantellones May 31, 2005
Top Definition
Capital and main port city of Tunisia, a republic in northwestern Africa.
Tunis is a great place to visit and see the Mediterranean.
by Currin December 02, 2004
A attractive girl who moves into your hometown. Ages are around 18-22, she can become a good friend, but the townies will not approve.
Bill: I met this really cool girl yesterday..

John: Why are you chasing that Tuni again??

Bill: I think she's hot and I want some pussy, obviously i wont get attached.

John: You better not bro!
by Thorney51 December 22, 2010
Another word for exposed skin.
Your tunis is showing.
by i love sheep November 17, 2010
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