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a bug... a flea... literally... from the family Tungidae. weird looking... conspicuous facial features... ugly.

He / She looks tunga! BARF-o-RAMA!
by LittleMissVietnam September 07, 2006
1. (v) To display complete lack of interest, care and pride in one's work. To ignore and deny responsibility for anything whatsoever.

2. (v) In the context of IT support, to close off an issue without performing any action or actually implementing a solution, at the same time leaving a comment such as "user resolved" or "closed pending callback" on the notes of the issue.

3. (n) A person who performs either 1. or 2.
1. I'm so hungover, I'm just going to tunga today.

2. Just before I went on holiday I tunga'd the shit out of my inbox and my boss now thinks I'm really efficient. Win!

3. I asked Darren for help with something and he totally ignored me. He's such a tunga.
by yellowbeard12345 October 22, 2012
A TUNGA is... your tongue!!!
Ow! I bit my tunga! It really hurts. It is bleeding like a mother sucker.
by Dess April 11, 2007
Offensive to the sense of beauty; Very unattractive or unpleasant to look at.
Liar, deceitful, and conceited when she shouldn't be--she's so Tunga!
by B.Laney August 25, 2006

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