The repeated (and often excessive) twisting of nipples during foreplay.
Jenni's nipples were raw after her boyfriend played Tune in Tokyo with them all night.
by Ranford Bellows March 15, 2004
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A game you play by telling a girl to put her hands behind her head and say, "beep, beep, beep..." and twist at the waist. Then boy says sometihng to the effect "Picture this: it's WWII and our ship is going down in the middle of the Pacific and our only hope is the short wave radio." Now the boy puts his hands on the girl's breasts and twists them as if they were radio knobs saying "Tune in, Tokyo! Tune in Tokyo!..."
I wanted to touch her boobies so I suggested a freindly game of "Tune In Tokyo".
by DJ Ghandi August 11, 2003

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