Hipster society of hatred and self- admiration. Totally ironic. They hate facebook even though every single one of them has one. Like to post pictures of cats, themselves, and obscure bands. Youre not supposed to speak of tumblr, but its a public diary. Its as ironic as the fake handlebar mustaches they sport.
Tumblr is a hipsters bitch.
by Juicalicious January 21, 2011
Probably the best and easiest to use blogging platform, but it is riddled with errors and hipsters.
Guy: Whoa check out this awesome picture I took. I wonder how I could share it with the world!
Girl: You should join Tumblr. It's pretty easy and fast.

2 weeks later

by overuoveru December 05, 2010
Tumblr is a magical place. It's a place you can go to whenever you are feeling sad or lonely or simply unable to cope with real life. It's a place for dreamers and believers and overly obsessive people to unite and talk and vent and rant and best of all, it's a place where you can just be yourself and not be judged. The only downside to tumblr, it's terribly addictive.
Dear Lord,

I wish I could fly away to Neverland with Peter Pan. That place is so magical.

Sincerely, a dreamer.

Dear Dreamer,

Get a tumblr. It's more magical than you'd expect.

Sincerely, The Lord.
by Rainingfairies April 07, 2011
An amazing place filled with believers. Unicorns, Harry Potter, And Meme's seem to be the most popular thing, and everyone there has there inner hipster revealed. Corackadile has big tits.
Person 1: I believe that unicorns exist.

Person 2: *Gasp!* Whats your tumblr url?!
by falalaunicorns February 19, 2011
A place where almost everybody is fake and seeks attention. Everybody pretends to be some awkward hipster female to gain followers, much like on Twitter only everybody claims that they are artistic. People mostly post/reblog pictures, and sometimes steal them from others without credit. Everybody complains for attention. Everybody does illegal things for attention. They love everything gay and believe that an unfriendly gay individual is unheard of and everything straight is vile. They try to promote equality while they openly put everything else down, such as straight people, skinny people, and basically anybody else that has the balls to tell them that they are wrong. They blame society for their faults and yet put no effort in improving themselves. Every member finds themselves ugly and pretends to think cancer patients and obese people are beautiful so that people will think that they are nice people. It's all about followers and attention and feeling special. Go make one.
Hey man, look. It's yet another hipster on Tumblr complaining about their perfectly fine appearance.
by justanothertumblruser June 14, 2011
The meaning of life.
Facebook Person: You're never online anymore! Where have you been?
Tumblr Person: A magical place full of unicorns and cartoons eating cereal.
Facebook Person: Oh... well I'm thinking about getting a Tumblr. Do you have one?
Tumblr Person: Don't join that! Its a virus! I tried to join and it crashed my computer! You probably shouldn't go on it.
by rebloggingunicorns April 30, 2011
A popular, fast-acting, back-door virus that can be planted on one's computer in under 3.5 seconds. Commonly found on all Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or any Windows system.
Person 1: Hey man, have you heard about this new site called Tumblr? I've never been on it.
Person 2: Do not go on it! I tried to and a virus shut down my computer. I had to call geek squad, but they couldn't fix anything. I'm fucked!
by thisisoursongsosingalong February 24, 2011

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