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An expression to herald the imminent onset of one's own insanity. Usually muttered with a neck, nose and eye twitch by a person who has been 'pushed to the edge' by a stressful situation. It is stage 5, or otherwise the 'Last and Final' stage on the International Mental Scale. It is the only word known to the English language that precisely expresses a state of pre-insanity. Every effort should be made to avoid people who mutter this word, unless of course you have a tazer and are comfortable to take them down on compassionate grounds and in the interests of the community.
Person 1 "Can you please write these 16 reports by the end of the day. Also, I just ate your lunch, there is now no more food for you to eat today".

Person 2 "Tukkerdurb".
by Spirtaki April 14, 2010
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