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A Death Knight, which is a class of character, from the Massive Multi-player Online game World of Warcraft.
Oh man, that tugnut just ganked you.
by Joykinz November 20, 2008
The bits of paper that dry matted to anal hair when the clean up has not gone according to plan. (see also dangleberry)
AAAArrrg my pants just ripped out a tugnut
by Bobbins October 16, 2003
Little balls of shite that stick to the hairs of the arse,and dry out, hanging like little nuts on a tree.
I'll be a little late tonight dear, i've got to scrape me tug-nuts off before i put some clean skidders on.
by Mishap. July 02, 2006
A term for a male who takes a long time to ejaculate.
Hey tug nuts, hopefully you get her done in less than an hour, we're seeing a movie later.
by raychacha October 21, 2009
someone(usually male)with a set of unusually large nuts.
boy1: "OMG, did you see him sitting down?"
boy2: "Yea, that guys got a pair of tug nuts."
by Craig mack March 08, 2005
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