when a man inserts himself into another man who has his legs over his head and form a ball and roll around with there eyes locked in a serious stare until one busts a nut and they stand up and walk past eachother with a straight face and slap high fives and go there separate ways
hey lets tuck and roll today
by Anonymous October 31, 2003
Top Definition
A modern urban "tactic" employed in firearms training to get around obstacles while continuing a forward movement. It is most often employed by Airsoft or Paintball gamers, however it may be used by live-fire weapons personnel as well.

The technique, almost always done while running, involves diving forward in such a way that your shoulder lands on the ground first, and you roll into a little ball. As you come out of the ball, immediately spring back up into a running stance, or move into a kneeling position.
A Tuck and Roll can be seen in the movie "SWAT" during the shooting range sequence.
by John Clayborn November 06, 2006
tucking your head between your legs and grabing your knees and rolling out of it in an attempt to stop the impact of a fall
plane falls out of the air in a last attempt to save the passenger the pilot yells "better tuck and roll sarah"
by annonymous624 May 29, 2006
When your banging your girlfriend on the pullout couch at your buddies and his mom comes running down the stairs. This causes you to tuck your erection back in your pants and roll off of your girlfriend.
Her mom came running down the stairs and I had to perform my pattented Tuck and Roll to avoid getting caught banging her daughter.
by Lazy Larry Lord January 02, 2009
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