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tucking your head between your legs and grabing your knees and rolling out of it in an attempt to stop the impact of a fall
plane falls out of the air in a last attempt to save the passenger the pilot yells "better tuck and roll sarah"
by annonymous624 May 29, 2006
the art of having total control over the ladys being an absolute sex magnet making all girls want you and taking your pick from them developing skills to benefit from on this system of pizumptious
mike:that kid gary is so pizumptious
tyler:yeah he gets alll the ladys
by annonymous624 May 29, 2006
a total pimp straight up gangster with a tight ride who gets all the girls ridin on chrome.... male not female usually totally awesome with many homies and bitches
gary: man christian is the only bird ever
tyler:yeah i know that kid billy is not
by annonymous624 June 02, 2006

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