1) Of or relating to a tube.

2)Constituting or consisting of tubes or a tube.

3) Shaped like a tube.

4) stolen from science by the surf culture and later by pop culture (in the 1980's).

5) see tubeular for more

6) of or relating to a good thing. See tubeular, supra.
a. " Man that wave is sooo tubular"

b. "I got an 'A' on that basket weaving test." "tubular!"
by fntiger July 15, 2004
something long and round
that tubular thingy is long and round
by Anonymous1234567 December 01, 2005
known to many as a dumb way of saying cool

but to others its a loser hoos deadly sik hooked up on resperators and shit but u dont feel sorry for him
look at tubular u gunna pull the plug or should i
by pr0n king March 03, 2006
White man's word for "cool".
That's like, Tubular, dude!
by gundamNIT January 15, 2003
Incredible, awesome, 360 degrees of dope, most useful if the object or action you are referencing is related to something circular
Whoa your car is totally tubular!
Whoa Grandma your triple bypass surgery was Tubular!
by True tube April 02, 2015

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