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The nickname given to a fat kid by his "friends."
1 Tubby Tubby, 2 Tubby Tubby...
by Erric J. Dickerson November 26, 2003
12 5
Tubbles occur when one flatulates in the act of taking a bath.
Mr. Crid is relaxing in the bath after a long day and he is quite relaxed. So relaxed in fact that he excreets some gasseous ommissions which sound like a rapid fire bb gun on the base of the porcelain tub but also result in "tubbles" that float upwards releasing air thusly produced.
by Cridicus Arelius July 16, 2009
6 1
A small annoying bump on the tip or side of your tongue. Unknown how or why it gets there, sometimes from burning your tongue from drinking something too hot. Derived from "bubble on my tongue"
I have a tubble on my tongue that is driving me crazy!
by WeezyQ February 04, 2010
7 6
-a bath with a lot of bubbles
you smell really bad.. have u been in tubble lately??
by sponge- bob the bath master 17 November 04, 2003
2 12