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Committing an act in opposition of the expected and desired.

Can also be used in noun form, "a tub."
1. "Elizabeth still hasn't payed me back for last week."
"Man, that girl is tubbin'."

2. "That guy never did his half of the project, what a tub."
by boopityboopity October 10, 2010
17 4

1. The act of hanging out in a hot tub.
2. The condition of being in or around a hot tub.

related forms-
Are you down to go tubbin' with me?

Yo, you tubbin'?

We're about to go tubbin', you want to come?
by andyhi December 29, 2010
2 0
Tubbins, the fattest thing in existence, loveable and cuddly too!
Other names : Tub, Tubby, Tubbsy, Lardass.
Wow! Look at the Tubbins over there! Isn't it loveable and cuddly?
by Theo Wildgoose January 19, 2005
4 6
Tubbins:, commonly used to represent anything whats fat, large or naturally obese,
See: theo wildgoose
oh my god, its tubbins u fat shit!
by dave mullins January 20, 2005
4 7