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A term used when in a competition, one team or individual dominates the other with impunity. The inferior team/individual is said to have been "tubbed".
In CounterStrike the other day, I killed a guy with a knife, and promptly yelled, "YOU JUST GOT TUBBED!"
by Puvar February 20, 2010
11 2
To be put on blast, i.e., have your personal business exposed to others, by a person via their Facebook status.
In particular when an ex post a status about you and tags 50+ friends so millions of people know your personal business.
I have a feeling from now on anytime someone posts something like this and tags a bunch of people (which is brilliant btw) we are all gonna say "man did you see that? That guy totally got tubbed."
by NCT2281 September 16, 2011
6 1
To be sent a pic of tubgirl.jpg from www.tubgirl.com with an understanding the pic is something else eg: picture of a person who is the tubber on irc
someone on irc poses as someone else with the intent of tubbing someone by sending them a picture of tubgirl renamed as them selves to an unknowing victim
by TUBMEISTER July 10, 2003
7 17