person who tells the truth
Instead of being a bad liar, she was a bad truther, because she acted like she was lying when she was really telling the truth.
by a.personally.bad.truther November 29, 2009
One who tells the truth and does not lie.

One who lies is not a truther.
Guy 1: *throws snowball at Girl 1*
Girl 1: did you just throw a snoball at me?
Guy 1: No.
Girl 1: You're the only one around. You not a truther.
by Rassidy February 18, 2009
someone who tells the truth. a great all around honest person. not a lier!
person 1: You're a lier!!
Person 2: No I'm not! I'm a truther!
by Mr.Louie May 28, 2008
People or persons that say the truth.
Ayeeeee did you that Juan and Carolina are truthers they always say the truth.

Synonyms: truthie
Antonym: Liar

Origin: truth
by iamatruthie October 24, 2010
Conspiracy theorists who believe that the events of 9/11 were orchestrated by the U.S. government.
On the hit show "Rescue Me", one of the firefighters sides with"truthers" and is derided by his fellow N.Y.F.D. guys who lost family and friends in the tragic events of 9/11
by mitchnorbert February 15, 2010
A person who tells the truth, as opposed to a liar.
That person is definitely not a liar. In fact, he is a truther.
by Haxor the Cleavor February 22, 2004
Currently the term "Truther" refers to someone who adheres to the beliefs espoused by the 9/11 Truth movement. Truthers are conspiracy theorists that, like all conspiracy theorists, blatantly distort facts and quotes. These are the Bible thumpers of 9/11.

Some of them believe that the government orchestrated it in some complex, cockamamie scheme; others believe that the government simply let it happen.
Debating a Truther is like banging your head against a brick wall - painful and futile. You are likely to be called many things by them: ignorant, stupid, sheltered, blind, scared of the truth, a sheep, a lemming.
by cpm1121 January 05, 2009

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