Sock monkey and part time Morris Dancer. Lover of haggis. Trumpy is lovely.
Trumpy ate all my haggis. He is lovely.
by AgentNooner January 14, 2012
Top Definition
An alien from the MST3K classic, Pod People. The movie has nothing to do with pods, nothing to do with people, and EVERYTHING to do with PAIN.

Trumpy is an Alf-like alien with an evil cousin/mother/relative that goes around killing people. Trumpy, bless his little soul, is content with entertaining young children with cruddy stop-motion animation, a magic "Simon Says" game, and magic telescopes that feature stock footage, I mean, animals from the savannah. He also enjoys potatoes very much.

Trumpy is a classic cinema character in the world of MST3K, bested only by Rowsdower and Torgo.
Trumpy, you can do stupid things!
by ElfLad March 19, 2005
Word that describes the mindset is someone that is a complete asshole, but has absolutely no idea the level they have reached.
Would it be to Trumpy if I fuck the wife of my recently dead best friend?
by Dudington June 03, 2016
An STD only transmitted through intercourse with a trump supporter
"I fucked a solid 10 last night, but I didn't realize until the next morning, when I was sober enough to read her shirt, that she gave me trumpies
by xFrostyVII July 20, 2016
adj. 1. brash, arrogant, outspoken; known to make edgy, contentious statements that turn out to be factually incorrect.
His Trumpy statements about the professor's appearance garnered substantial attention, but caused quite an uproar around campus.
by CyberSettler April 16, 2016
being arrogant or full of your self
Bruh why are you being so trumpy today?
by The Notorious P.T.B. June 19, 2016
Behavior associated with a childish attitude. Being difficult. Prone to tantrums and bullying.
"You need to stop being so Trumpy and calm down ".
by Zellypoo15 July 09, 2016
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