Noun: The mushroom shaped indentation left on a woman's forehead after being slapped by the head of a penis.

Truffling - Verb: The act of slapping your penis on a woman's forehead leaving a mushroom shaped mark.
I could tell by the mark on her head that she had just been truffled.
by The Real Maestro September 14, 2009
To eat a lot of food. Based on "truffle pig," which is an animal used to seek out truffle mushrooms. If you eat a lot, you are a truffle pig. Can also be used in verb form with the word pig included, and can be shortened to just "tp."
I just truffled that pizza.

I'm going to go out and truffle pig at the restaurant tonight.
by gorgonzola_man2 February 10, 2008
to be cool, rad, badass, pimp, and/or perfect.
Its not right how truffle i am.

That was so truffle
by donthaveaclue April 04, 2010
Verb. To mess with or get in someone's business.
I am not to be truffled with, not today.
by Mickey7378 May 01, 2009
a special person endowed in your life forever more wishing he or she were with you at all times good or bad.It also refers to nickname.
He is my only truffle.
by dubilia January 31, 2007
A truffle is what you get when you girlfriend or sex partner takes a massive shit 1-5 days previous of the time of intercourse. Due to the sheer enormity of the shit she doesn't wipe at all or shit anytime after the huge poo.

When you engage is anal sex you penis breaks the hard layer of un-wiped poo and continues in to the soft poo inside her rectum.

A truffle is the second degree of the Poopie Log the only difference is that the Poopie Log only has the soft poo not the hard poo.

The truffle is called a truffle because its chocolate counter part consist of hard chocolate on the outside and soft on the inside.
Dude how was Jane last night is it true she gave you a Truffle

Yea... it is the horrible she told me i would only get a poopie log but instead i got a Truffle

by STEEL ROSE WAR July 06, 2010
over drinking over smoking teenager.
your a truffles arnt you?
by Tom wallace March 31, 2005
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