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A word that is a combination of True and Touche. It can be used either to compliment a person's counterpoint or just to argree with them. It's as versatile as words such as "yeah", "dude", "true", ecetra. The word was born at a climbing camp in Maine, first spoken by a certain Canadian-German named Hannes.
Example 1:
Dude 1: Inception was such a cool movie!
Dude 2: Yeah, but DeCaprio was better in Shutter Island
Dude 1: oh, truese

Example 2:
Dude 1: that was cool
Dude 2: truese

Example 3:

Dude 1: dude, truese
Dude 2: truese...truese
by DanMonkfish July 25, 2010
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