Top Definition
When something is undeniably true.
"Tom Cruise is crazy."

by HeartONTDsfm January 04, 2009
A Term used by Domje meaning "True Facts"

replaces True as the end of a sentance, or used on its own.

pronounced: tru-fax
ME: <Girls name here> says she wants to have sex with me, I don't know whether to believe her or not, it could be some kind of joke because I don't really look her "type".
YOU: you need to get her on webcam to show that nobody else is there.
ME: truefax.
by Domje November 04, 2007
A hipster way of saying, 'I know, right?'
A: Dude, that kid's gonna grow up to be one hot dilf.
B: Truefax.
by finedoubter January 06, 2011
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