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a town located only 7 miles from Lake Tahoe. Which would be considered the Tahoe area. Surrounded by 3-4 times as many ski areas as lake tahoe is. More tourists visit and stay in Truckee than lake tahoe. More kids switch from lake tahoe schools to Truckee schools. And to the people that say that Truckee isn't a part of Tahoe... well that's like saying Hollywood isn't a part of Los Angeles. cause hollywood is miles away from downtown L.A. idiots.
I'm going up to Tahoe this weekend and staying in a town called Truckee!
by ryankass3 March 30, 2009
a type of who takes down walls or ventilates roofs. They also do search and rescue and usually ride on the fire truck (not to be mixed up with fire engine) a fire truck has a 100 foot ladder on top.

They often get ridiculed for being uneducated and hardheaded, but they are very important and get tons of credit.

they are also called trucker
those firefighters put a 4x5 foot hole in my roof! that was a new roof too!

those truckee's sure know how to use their heads
by cmeister900 September 25, 2009
a hick town located 20 miles from lake tahoe, but IS NOT actually in, located next to, or around tahoe. truckee is NOT tahoe.
if living in truckee, you will never be considered a tahoe local.
by chib17 March 13, 2008
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