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Troy is well known for its many over populated housing projects infested with cockroaches & welfare momma's. Many of its homeless are ex stock brokers, reality TV stars, Politicians, & famous rap artist for the 90's. They live as urban nomads in the city parks cooking pigeon stew & holding gypsy carnivals that mainly consist of oral sex booths & rat clubbing. There is an epidemic of Urban Hillbillies that populate the city. Leading to many spontaneous house fires from their meth labs & moonshine kilns exploding. Incest & brutality towards woman are not only encouraged but celebrated in Troy by its 'Kiss your sweetie with your fist day' dances usually held in the streets & funded entirely by food stamps. Known as the birthplace of both the AIDS Virus & Uncle Sam, the city offers nothing for tourism other than connecting the herpes sores on dead hookers mouths with a marker as you stumble across their corpses trying to flee the city & stopping to see the midget Puerto Ricans with Dragon Ball Z cartoon character hair working at the Peebles on Hoosick st. for a seminar about the basics of living off welfare momma's and being a confidental police informant. English is not their primary language. They speak a muttered combination of Spanish, Ebonics, & incomprehensible groans & grunts. Be advised to bring extra money if interested in purchasing children for sexual slavery since the residents will usual bombard outsiders with such proposals.
Guy: Hey, where you from?
Girl: Troy NY, Don't ask me to spell it.
Guy: I thought I smelt a spic fart
Girl: Little do you know that smells coming from my twat not my asshole, ASSHOLE!
by SouthTroyCore January 16, 2014
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