A member of the opposite who you find appealing.
That girl is such a trophy, I want her so bad.
by Lindsey Marshall December 05, 2005
In ebonics an illegitimate child, particularly when the father is black and the mother is white.
Lisa had been messin' around with Tyrone. Nine months later, she had the trophy to prove it.
by Walter Moores February 20, 2005
n. A child of an attractive woman. To a man, an object of conquest. Other Spellings include trophie, tr0fee.
Look at Jim, smiling with his trophies and that hot wife.
by pylorns October 03, 2003
The remaining beer left at the end of a good nights drinking. So named, since it is in fact an anti-trophy. The owner of the trophy should not be proud of it.

This can occur when a waitress miscounts the bar tab, and the person who is charged one less beer orders two during the final round to make up for it.
Matt: Looks like Gregg is going for another trophy tonight.
Mike: Good thing there is a ledge behind our table.
Gregg: Shut up!
by CrazEkid March 24, 2006

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