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4 definitions by Sindur

A term used to refer to put a sleeping pill in one's beverage.
"I better slip a mickey in (insert name here)'s drink before s/he comes back so I can stash his/her birthday presents."
by Sindur December 29, 2004
113 32
A large slab of meat still on its bone.
"That hamhawk looks delicious.
by Sindur December 29, 2004
20 20
"Laughing Out Loud on Floor Laughing My Ass Off." Comes from the combination of LOL and ROFLMAO, which originate from the acronyms ROFL and LMAO.
Bob: I sat on the Monopoly board and one of the hotels are stuck in my crack.

by Sindur May 24, 2005
18 19
On the internet, this phrase is often used after shouting You're Winner!
Rob: I completed the quest you gave me.
Bob: You're winner! *trophy*
by Sindur December 29, 2004
1 6