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A word used to describe the act of getting a "trade" or to learn a skill from an experienced tradesman, only in this particular context it is used by an idiot fuck who doesn’t know fuck about fuck.
Daine - "Oi fuck uni, get a TROID"
University Student - "Um, no thanks you stupid FUCK"
Daine - "So you wanna foight?"
University Student - "Do you want to eat my fuck"
Daine - "ah sit"

by dt2007 October 08, 2007
A non-specific noun that be used in place any other, (see thing, nodule) although it's most common when requesting an item in the possession of a fellow dudeth, accompanied by a nod of the head or a gesture in the direction of said article. It can also be used to refer to the persons themselves.
Originally "troid", and variations thereof, were concieved as alternative endings to pre-existing nouns - such as lightroid, splifftoid, rizloid, etc.

All variations are usually shortened to the simpler, "troid" between the hours of midnight and dawn.
1) Steven: Can you pass the troid? I need to spark this troid.

2) Daniel: Hey Steeroid, I can't find the troid, 'roid.

Steven: Don't worry, Troid. I just found some troids.
by T-roid December 11, 2009
Another version of steroids however much more potent and effective. They give what has been know as "troid rages".
Wow that kid must be on troids he got HUGE in only a fuckin year of non-stop lifting!
by mitchell gunther baker July 18, 2006
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