In Dungeons & Dragons lore, "Trogdor the Burninator" was thirty year-old Half-Elf, chaotic-neutral Cleric of Taiaii with an affinity for fire. Trogdor was also a very stupid man, deciding that obliterating a tavern with fire would be a good way to interogate a bartender who knew more than he let on. The half-elf was then challenge by a monk and killed the holy man, but only barely. Afterwards, he urinated on the monk's body, then chased after an Elven archer that was in his party. The Elven archer noticed Trogdor forgot to put away his "piece" and promptly shot an arrow into his unguarded crotch, scoring a maximum-damage critical hit which promptly killed the Burninator.

More information can be found at the RPG Mortuary.
Trogdor, a chaotic neutral cleric of the goddess credited with creating the world, was very anxious to prove his worth to the party that he had just joined.
by Joseph D. Collins May 01, 2005
Top Definition
Trogdor is a wingaling dragon, with special beefy arm and burnination powers.

Long live the dragon.
Trogdor was a man, um... he was a... dragon-man!!!!Or...maybe...he was just a dragon, but he was still...
Burninating the country-side,
Burninating the Pheasents!
Burninating all the people,
and their thatched-roof COTTAGES!!!

And then the Trogdor comes in the NIIIIIIGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

by Trogdor April 23, 2004
He is the Reaper. The Bringer of Death. Lord of Destruction. Most Feared Burninator of Peasants and Thatched Roofed Dwellings. Ultimate Bearer of the Most Consumate V's. God. King. Warrior. Dragon. The 'S' and 'Slightly Different S'. He is Coming.
There Is Only One.
by Daniel Harris February 22, 2004
something that cannot be improved by kyaroscuro shading in Strong Bad's opinion
by the burninator June 19, 2003
A beefy armed dragon who burninates through thatch-roofed cottages.
And the Trogdor comes in the NIIIIIIIGGGGGHHHHHHHHT!
by Graham Robinson March 27, 2003
The mythical creature thought up by Strong Bad. He is composed of an S and a more different S, consumate V's, angry eyebrows, and a beefy arm sticking out the back of his neck. He has burnated the thatched-roof cottages of the counrtyside. He has also starred in a game by Videletrix. He has smote the Kerrek.
Trogdor the Burninator burninates the countryside
by Yuriimaster May 04, 2003
TRAHG-dor the BURN-ih-nay-ter
Trogdor was created by that worldly artist Strong Bad and will remain in our hearts forever.
Related Words: burninate, burninating
Trogdor can often be seen burninating all the thatched roof cottages.
by Jeremy Davis September 30, 2003
the most kick ass dragon drawn by strong bad who is awesome.
i said consumante v's!!!
by silkan April 05, 2003
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