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An "S" shaped "wingaling" dragon(not a man, or a dragon-man, but a dragon) with a beefy arm growing out of the back of his neck, small wings, sticklike legs, "spineties", and angry eyebrows. Inhabits medieval countrysides, which he enjoys burninating, along with peasants, peoples, and especially thatched-roof cotteges. Natural enemies include knights and archers, who can sword and arrow him, respectively.
TROGDOOOOOOOOOOOR......THE BURNINATOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR......burninating the countryside!!! Burninating the peasants!!! Burninating all the peoples.....and their THATCHED ROOF COTTEGEEEEEEEES......THATCHED ROOF COTTEGEEEEEEEES!!!!!\m/
by Rodgort April 09, 2003

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