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When three bros each boss around any given ho. Each bro has equal say in what the ho does. Also, the ho has no say in her own decisions, unless it is determined by a majority vote (of the three bros) that she may make a decision.
Bro 1: Ho, go get me a sandwich.

Ho: No!

Bro 2 & 3: DO IT!

Bro 1: The Triumvirate has spoken.

Ho: Fine..
#triumverate #ho #democracy #bro #boss #man
by Sir. Drinksalot December 20, 2009
When a man receives oral stimulation while watching sports and eating a sandwich that the girl either prepares or pays for. The addition of beer is optional, yet encouraged.

It is the three facets of manhood coming together to be simultaneously exercised.
I have the coolest girlfriend in the world. She totally gave the triumvirate during the game last night.
#sports #beer #head #manliness #sandwich
by Brutnor December 23, 2009
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