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an expression used by a person when that person does not feel accountable for a certain chain of events or there is nothing one can do about a certain situation

similar to "chalk it up to the game"
"Say, I heard you cut up my girl and then straight skeeted in my favorite cereal bowl....."

"I don't know what to tell you....charge it to the game son"
by Hollywood February 10, 2005
n. A free-thinking, open-minded individual willing to cross the line of common tact in order to entertain or personally benifit others.
"work sure would be boring without ma nigga steve around."
by Hollywood February 01, 2005
Someone who's always sick
"Hey Johnno, you coming out tonight?"
"Nah I can't, I've got a sore throat."
"Fuck you Bubble Boy!"
by Hollywood January 18, 2005
college student who is very hot but refuses to have sex with a lady.
Dude, she is so drunk! Don't be such a fucking gillman
by Hollywood October 14, 2004
The three times in a heterosexual man's life that it is acceptable to engage in homoerotic relations with a gay or straight man.
Note: The occasions differ per person.
Matt successfully completed the second leg of his Twink Triumvirate.
by Hollywood May 14, 2003
A term used in utter disbelief by an ignorant person.
Shaaa I went down rhea hollow today and Shaaa that accord ain't got no styling kit on it shaaa..
by HOLLYWOOD May 01, 2003

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