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A British sports car, typically 2-place, 4 cylinder, manual. Very nice cars, and utterly pimpjuice.
"nice fuckin triumph"
by Bm August 28, 2003
70s and 80s Canadian Rock-Metal band consisting of 3 members: vocalist/guitarist Rik Emmett, bass guitarist/keyboardist Mike Levine and vocalist/drummer Gil Moore. Probably most well known for their songs "Lay it on the Line" and "Fight the Good Fight", The members of Triumph also conquered the art of arena rock and received the influential Performance Magazine's "Innovators of the Year" award in 1981 for the unique way they changed the arena rock landscape. Using state of the art pyrotechnics and light shows, Triumph's awesome shows became their defining feature.
After the bands formation in Toronto in 1975, the band released its first album in 1976 and several records have been released since that time. No brand new records have been made in the last couple years, but Triumph still remains strong and recently released the Triumph Anthology. Triumph can still be heard on the air waves on Classic Rock and Modern Rock stations, and their fan base remains loyal even today.
Perhaps not as famous of a Canadian Rock Trio as Rush, but Triumph's Heavy 80s Metal Sound still remains today.
by Jim E. Junk July 18, 2006
Long-gone British car manufacturer. Contrary to the views of some, they did not only make sportscars, but also upmarket six-cylinder sedan cars with a slight sporting pedigree.
My 1976 Triumph TC smokes your pathetic Renault. Its faster, quieter, more comfortable and cost me about one quarter of the price.
by nzcarnut April 21, 2007
Saying "umph" three times in rapid succession.
We triumphed in the football game!

Umph! Umph! Umph!
by cricketonastick February 15, 2010
the best talking puppet ever!!! SCREW KERMIT!!
"For me to poop on!" ~ Triumph
by Dirge February 13, 2005
Triumph the insult comic dog.
by Conan O'Brien November 06, 2003
A rude insult comic dog on the conan o brien show.
This is a great definition-FOR ME TO POOP ON!
by only$19.99,less s+h December 27, 2003

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