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The Triton Eye is a disease caused by being around ugly girls at UCSD too long and your standards for what is attractive is lowered extremely.
9 out of 10 girls in San Diego are hot. But that 10th girl. . .goes to UCSD.
by Jacob May 05, 2005
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A disease that afflicts most attendees at UCSD. Its origins are linked to the sheer lack of attractive people on campus. This results in UCSD students having ridiculously low standards for the opposite sex.
(UCSD kid): Hey! That guy's pretty cute.

(State kid): Are you kidding me?! He's a chinless, bucktoothed wideclops! And he's always staring at me with that wall-eye of his. You totally have Triton Eye.

(UCSD kid): Damn, you're right.
by Fro_turtle_o October 09, 2007
Back in the 60's a professor in Revelle accidentally lost an eye, and because of the chaos and hecticness of seeing someone lose an eye, the ambulance people forgot to pick it up. The eye was just left there and people were too grossed out by it, so no one really picked it up. Then one day, the eye was gone. They asked all the janitors if they picked it up but they all said no. Then one day, a girl was taking a shower in the revelle dorms, and when she looked on the floor, there was the professors eye. She screamed and ran to tell her friends, but when they went back to the shower it was gone. Legend has it that the eye roams around campus peeping on people, and it has been coined the name "Triton Eye".
if you're ever in your room and you feel like you're being watched, it's the triton eye
by Heeeeeeeyyyyyyy July 05, 2013
The same as the above but with Preuss School UCSD students being effected by Preuss School UCSD males.
After six years, the Triton Eye began to effect Chris as he realized that despite his better judgment Nicole was attractive.
by Henok Yemane January 02, 2008
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