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you say something that isnt true.
Elgin was tripin when he said that he wasnt straight.
by mike November 13, 2003
derives from the word tripe, which means shit. Thus, tripin' or triping (pronounced "TRIPE-IN") means, simply, shit talking. or shitting.
Dave Chapelle - "take that ya TRIPIN' BETCH!"
by beaaaaaaa April 11, 2008
used when you dont beleive wot another person is sayin'.
dawg you must be tripin'!
by slamin' September 03, 2006
To say something not related to the current topic;to act or do something crazy/stupid;to bring bad news
Tom:Did you see American Idol last night?
Billy:Yea,but man i think your girlfriend like me dude
Tom:DAMN why every time I call you,you is tripin
by Anthony J 772 February 16, 2008
To be obessing over something, or someone to the extent that it happers you normal thought process.
I be hella tripin' over that chick!
by Krunk Master Jay December 16, 2004
to be high on ACID
that was a good tripin
by mike December 01, 2003

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