v. to goad, cajole; to strongly encourage one to do something they would rather not; to coerce or compel one to do anyting
"You tringed me everyday to tell him off!"

"My roommate has been tringing me about the laundry steez."
by ST.I.L.L. August 09, 2008
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means hyper tired.
when it's late && your soo tired that your hyper && you have no idea what your doing.
"Dude, it's like 4 in the am && freakin tring."
"Well I'm sleep txting."
by emmie ;D April 06, 2008
A mystical super-food that is composed of typical taco fillings encased in a croissant crust, which is in the shape of a ring about 14" in diameter. Fillings may also include things such as corn or sliced peppers. Also known as Taco Ring.
Roommate 1: What are you thinking for dinner?

Roommate 2: I'm thinking T-Ring

Roommate 1: Goooooooodddd!!!
by Syrinx Sinner September 29, 2011
an all purpose word, used for when you have no words to describe something.
Person A: Someone already has the screenname "Mayonaise..."
Person B: "..."
Person A: "Yeah, tring."
by Charlie Hombertson January 05, 2008

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