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Useless bullshit that you'll forget the second you graduate from high school.
Me: Hey Mrs. Smith, when am I ever going to use trigonometry?

Mrs. Smith: On the next test.

Me: Go fuck yourself you scruffy bitch.
by gimmedatsammich September 12, 2010
Geometry and Advanced Algebra got together, and had a baby, named it Trigonometry, and then it grew up. Now it is on tons of steriods and wants to eat you. Commonly called "Trig"
Dude... I spent 4 hours working on Mrs. Fleets Trigonometry homework
by Lilac Beryl Roe November 22, 2009
(n.) A set of mathematical rules that enable one to find the angles of a triangle from one other angle and the length of sides, or vice versa. Operates with the help of sine, cosine and tangent (which are actually ratios, but since kids nowdays have scientific calculators nobody cares), and is used in the real world for measuring the height of a structure without expensive equipment. See also cosine rule and pythagoras' threorum
Trigonometry was the highlight of my day....

Okay, what's the hypotenuse again? And we have the opposite aswell? So what do we use now? Sine, cosine, tangent?
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 12, 2004
The study of how the angles and lengths of a triangle relate to each other.
Want to find the height of a tall building or the length of an underground tunnel, without actually measuring them? Thanks to trigonometry, you can get a pretty good approximation of these measurements.
by MathPlus July 12, 2016
Illuminati training for high school students. Can also be shortened to trig.
He got a 100% on the trigonometry test?

Illuminati confirmed.
by KEMMA SLAY June 27, 2016
a mathematical field of study in which you study triangles and their relationships with angles and the unit circle. usually taken after geometry or algebra 2.
You: Have you learned trigonometry yet?
Me: Yup. Sine, cosine, tangent. Secant, cosecant, cotangent.
by ilovemathandscience August 26, 2016
Something you do in maths
"Now, let's do some trigonometry. sine 30 is 0.5.............."
by jiexi December 09, 2003
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