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When a person of which you are in a relationship with makes a statement that tends to imply you are failing in the relationship.

One should note that it tends to be a female act, though rarely males have also used it.
Example 1.
Female: "What movie would you like to see?"
Male: "I want to see Transformers!"
Female: "Oh, I was hoping to see The Notebook, but thats fine too."

Male: "God damn it...Trickerizer..."

Example 2.

Male: "Hey babe, Im going out with my friends tonight!"
Female: "Oh... Okay, well have fun I guess."
Male: "God Damn it...Trickerizer..."

Example 3.
Male: "Hey we should play Halo tonight!!"
Female: "Oh... I was thinking we should watch a movie with my family, but sure we can play halo..."
Male: "God damn it...Trickerizer..."

Example 4.
Male: "Hey babe, lets go to a handcuff party!"
Female: "So I can see you get handcuffed to some slutty girl and hit on you?"
Male: "Its not like that, Im sorry, Okay we won't go..."
Female: "No no, its okay, we can go... for you.."
Male: "God damn it...Trickerizer..."
by Swarmed November 23, 2009
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