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Uploading a nice picture of yourself or a loved one on to the social networking site Flickr then asking anonymous perverts to download the picture print it out, jack off to it and spew man jizz all over the photo. Said perverts and pornographers take that result, photograph it and upload it back to the group where the orginal tribute request took place thus creating a virtual bukake chain letter. The Flickr tribute request is usually made by cum gargling road whores, cum dumpsters and other various sluts which are known to inhabit the pornography website Flickr.
This gangbang whore on Flickr asked for a tribute, I was bored and my sister's old Glamour magazines were used up so I complied.
by caress whisper September 14, 2009
The greatest and best song in the world.
Tenacious D, Tribute.
by DCrookZ November 11, 2003
Tributes are obsessive fans of The Hunger Games trilogy, written by Suzanne Collins.
Tribute 1: Have you read The Hunger Games?
Tribute 2: Yeah, tribute for life!
by The Fraud January 19, 2012
Monies paid to an overlord or state agency for their protection and friendship.

To pay for a license, permit or other document to legally engage in fishing, hunting, driving etc.

To pay "protection money" to turf masters or other goons.
"Man I had to pay 35 dollars tribute just to go fishin' for the weekend"

"Dutchie got the shit knocked out of him for not paying tribute to the gang"
by FN64GR September 29, 2006
used by associates or members of the la cosa nostra. it's a percentage of money that is given to your boss. mainly used for protection from getting shaked down, extorted and killed by anyone else including the bulls. also see vig
I gave "Fat Hands" his tribute. It was the right thing to do.
by x February 25, 2004
an album by Ozzy Osbourne
Paranoid is on the album Tribute by Ozzy.
by Jack of Blades May 23, 2005
When someone spins you around on a swing for hours on end, making you extremely dizzy.
While I was on the playground during recess, my friends gave me a tribute until the bell rang.
by amazing javascript programmer August 29, 2010
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