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A license is a document that grants the bearer permission to engage in an activity or occupation that is otherwise considered illegal.

If you pay "tribute" to a government agency for their protection and friendship they will issue you a "license" to fish, hunt, drive, marry etc with impunity.

A method of the "state" exercising control of the populace.
cop: "Show me your license!"
driver: "I don't have one."
cop: "You're under arrest..(enter standard Miranda warning)"
by FN64GR September 29, 2006
An amateur radio abbreviation meaning to change frequency.
Let's QSY to 14.293.
by FN64GR September 07, 2006
A concoction made from available leftovers.
Sometines it's a soup.
Sometines it's a stew.
Sometines it's a hash.
That all depends on the consistancy of the ingredients.
A common meal for batchelors, musicians & actors.
"whatcha got t'eat?"

"I can make us a slumgullion!"

by FN64GR March 29, 2006
Monies paid to an overlord or state agency for their protection and friendship.

To pay for a license, permit or other document to legally engage in fishing, hunting, driving etc.

To pay "protection money" to turf masters or other goons.
"Man I had to pay 35 dollars tribute just to go fishin' for the weekend"

"Dutchie got the shit knocked out of him for not paying tribute to the gang"
by FN64GR September 29, 2006
Food.. anything to fill yer gut..
Man I nee some "gut wad".. I'm 'bout starved
by FN64GR September 07, 2006
A steel ball bearing used for ammo in a wrist rocket or slingshot..great for stray cats.
After Gizmo nailed that yowlin' alley cat with a steelie we didn't hear no more from it...
by FN64GR August 20, 2006

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