Neighborhood on the lower west side of Manhattan, TriBeCa is short for Triangle Below Canal. Formerly known as Washington Market, it was home to the food market, including coffee, spices, tea, and nuts. Later, in the early 20th century, textile manufactoring and dyiing also became common there. In the 1960's and 70's, artists began moving into the abandoned factory buildings (built between 1850 and 1890) in the neighborhood. This populated the area and made it resedentail for the first time (and it changed the name from Washington Market to TriBeCa). Robert Dinero moved to TriBeCa, helping it to become the affluent, star-studded neighborhood it is today, as well as making it famous with his "Tribeca Productions" and in 2001, the Tribeca Film Festival. Amoung the exclusive resturaunts and fancy lofts TriBeCa is filled with nowadays, there are many of the original artists who populated the neighborhood still living there. This creates a funny mix in the neighborhood. Also, it's manufactoring history is visable, with some original companies still there, such as Bazzini's nuts and Bellbate's dried goods.
TriBeCa has pretty buildings
by miss nightlights July 02, 2006
Top Definition
"TRIangle BElow CAnal" Street. A very hip, and affluent neighborhood in Manhattan. Residents are in the entertainment industry, finance, and other professionals. Amazing restaurants, and most apartments are loft space. Quiet, with an ultra-low crime rate.
I would do anything to live in TriBeCa!
by Russ January 18, 2004
Way less of a corporate sell-out neighborhood than SoHo. Artsy and very family-friendly. Home to Stuyvesant, P.S. 234, P.S./I.S. 81, ECC, and many pre-schools. Lots of expensive restaurants, an awesome park, and about 10 different Starbucks establishments. You can get there on pretty much every existing subway line.
TriBeCa rocks, biatch!
by current canadian March 20, 2005
Someone who looks really bad. In reference to the TriBeCa area of New York City where all the artsy people hang out and live. They dont dress very well, or arent in fashion, so they are TRIBECA!!!!! Usually screamed at the unsuspecting, or mentioned among friends about others.
OH MY GOD BECKY, look at that Tribeca over there. What the fuck was she thinking when she got dressed this morning.


TRIBECCA!!! (screamed at someone dressed really bad)
by Durae January 23, 2008
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