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The verb "Trevored" Just got its way into the english dictionary
This April 15th of 2010 "Trevored" has gained a new meaning.

To be "Trevored" is when someone pays you something out of the goodness of they're heart or just to pay you in return of a favor.
Sentence: "Hey can you Trevor me a couple of bucks?"
or "Hey someone payed my loan! i've been Trevored!"
by Kreynon April 15, 2010
Paying a guy you don't even known his bill
OP: Anyone care to give anon a few bucks or something through PayPal?

I have pretty much no hope of making rent, but I would like to get something to eat in the next few days?

Trevor: Just paid your rent for you, /b/ro. Have a nice life.

Guy 1: dude he's got trevored!
by anonymousnr2 April 15, 2010
Getting so drunk you shit yourself.
"Man, did you see Brady last night? He was downing jello shots like tic-tacs and trevored himself in the kitchen"
by tritonrugger May 04, 2006

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