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Trevian is a cool guy, awesome boyfriend, and great friend. He's realistic, smart, creative, and honest. He is also great in the bed, on the couch, in the shower, on the table etc. He is between above average and too big in certian areas. He is cute as a kid and grows to be a VERY sexy teen and man. His nickname is trey by which everyone knows him. He is THE BEST kisser and generally has excelent tricks. He is so sweet at time and VERY FUNNY. Trey is HILLARIOUS. He loves everyone, even the people he doesnt like. He always texts and calls and talks back. He tries to keep his relationships and only breaks up if he notices something bad, but if u dont have to worry about that, he can rock your world. Trey is the best guy You can know. Especially with the uncommon last names of: sams, stocker, and strong. He is so smart and sexy and real and funny. People just love him.
Trevian is so sexy.

I love trey.

Trevian gave me that dick last week and my legs still feel it.

Trevian, trey whatever you call him I want him.
by Mark long October 13, 2013
2 Words related to Trevians
Spiky haired hispanics who make terrible sounding music,
Usually travel in large groups together making the same bad music.
Person 1: Dude how that party was great last night in Palm Springs.

Person 2: It was great until all of these trevians and cheef keef looking people showed up.
by okeechobee April 03, 2013

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