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Usually a shy guy untill you get to know him. He's one of the funniest people and has a dry sense of humor. He is very tall and very goofy. Most likely has brown hair, and Straight teeth. He is into Asians and has the best sister ever. He plays a lot of jokes but at least they're funny!
Hey who's that cute tall kid next to the short little Asian?
Ohh that's just Trenten
by Lmfao123 April 08, 2012
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JESUS. A Trenten is a guy who doesnt just look like jesus, doesn't just act like jesus, but is truly, a one of a kind jesus. like if you see a trenten walking down the street you better drop your knees and pray. ignore the look on his face when he sees how many people are worshipping him it'll wear off eventually.
"quick, get down! i think i see a trenten coming!"
"shit! are we all gonna die?!"
"if you dont worship him you will!"
by fappythedolphin January 06, 2013
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trenten is a fricken savage millionare wh is a baller for life
by savage dab for life February 16, 2017
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Trenten is the coolest fucker you would ever see. He is a sweetheart. Trenten's are usually really chill. They are also sexy beasts. If you ever meet at Trenton, don't let him go because he will always be there for you.
Damn Trenten, you sexy beast!
Ayeee it's Trenten!
by Hornung December 11, 2016
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a man who cares about his hair to much,who will probaly end up working at a super cuts in San Francisco, they r in love with the ps3
ya hes probaly a trenten
by forever ends today July 28, 2010
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