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Mind-blowingly excessive and bizarre
That merger of AOL and Huffington Post has the potential to be trenta frappy.
by sparkyjdc February 07, 2011
The Italian word for 30.
Not originally the Starbucks hugeass drink, but Starbucks named it that because it is three times the size of a tall, just like their venti, the Italian word for 20, is two times the size of a tall.
Person 1: Dude! Check out my Starbucks trenta!
Person 2: You know trenta means 30 in Italian, right?
by Italianguy1001 February 03, 2011
Starbuck's new coffee size, a whopping 31-ounces.
Nia: It's midnight and I haven't even started studying for tomorrow's finals.

John: Sounds like you need a Trenta.
by DrJekyll January 18, 2011
So good looking that he is not just a 10, he is a 30.
Mmm that boy is hella fine he a trenta
by NotJanelle May 25, 2016
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