A Scottish term describing a person of shabby or, somewhat cruely, financially restricted appearance.
"Look at her, she's a right treg"

"Piss of you treg"
by Weir of Marchmont April 22, 2006
Rare species in risk of extinction whose habitats include Omegle, Slough, the Carribean and Snapchat.

Easily recognisable due to its cute range of facial expressions and incomprehensible dialect, such as "Ig h dlk sOn".

Can be used as a noun, adjective, adverb, verb etc.
"Wow, you really tregged out there."

"I'm feeling a little treggy today."

"Thou art tregalicious."

"He's got no chance with her, he's in the tregzone."
by Logic Rhubarb January 04, 2014
Treg is the pseudonim for the writer Gretchin Hardwold. If you notice, Treg is Gret backwards. Her books include:
"A wander through the Willow Trees"
"Crime and Perdition"
by Huitzilopoctli August 25, 2005

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