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A name of a special breed of weed, pot, marijuana (ECT.)
It's THC content is very high.
Dude that treehouse Fucked me UP!
by The Canadian TreeHouser June 28, 2009
A girl who gets around alot, People are always playing in her.
What about hooking up with that girl?
Nah dude shes a tree house.
by T baby K April 20, 2008
The home of retards
Those that live in the treehouse, have mental handicaps.
by Big S December 03, 2003
a dwelling for those with poopy diapers
Ian has a poopy diaper.
by E diddy January 13, 2004
A group on Yahoo answers who are Anti Twilight
Twilight fan: LYKE, EDWARD IS SO HAWT!!! <3333333
Treehouse member: *insert truce*
by springhaus December 29, 2008