A group on Yahoo answers who are Anti Twilight
Twilight fan: LYKE, EDWARD IS SO HAWT!!! <3333333
Treehouse member: *insert truce*
by springhaus December 29, 2008
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A common meeting place where people are known to act a fool and get wild. Foolin' is another popular activity among those that gather here.
Yo, come on up to the Treehouse and act a foo with all yo cousins.
by Big E November 22, 2003
1.A place where homosexual activities take place while wearing isotoner slippers and drinking V8 splash.
When you get to the treehouse drop trou and I'll suck the black off your cock.
by H3ritc January 12, 2009
Smoking a lot of weed then getting high, mashed out your face.
im out of my tree from smoking all this weed
by Bob Marley February 03, 2005
When you are mashed out your face from smoking weed.
Im out of my treehouse from smoking all this weed
by Bob Marley February 06, 2005
its the muh fuckin tree house, in the doggpound, in the fishtank
lets hit the treehouse we'll make a blood oath n shit yadadamean? foshoyadadamean!
by dogg420666swagsacks June 12, 2011
A rumpus room inhabited by division 1 athletes in which bukkakes and various forms of anal stimulation are everyday practice.
I am so tired I need to relieve some stress in the treehouse.
by Papa G. January 14, 2010
When a woman rides on top of a man during sexual intercourse. Similar to the tried and true cowgirl method. Except the woman is situated in a crouching position.
Hey babe, wanna do the treehouse?
by Max I. Padman June 01, 2011

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