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1)A box of treats, I.E. between your girlfriends/mom's legs.

2) a tasty little snack often enjoyed right after a football game and right before she utters the words 'I'm pregnant'.

A treatbox can be enjoyed by both men and women, and frequently by both sex's at the same time. You must be very careful in choosing a treatbox, because some are infected with rather nasty little bugs such as herpes or the nigger aids.

Niggers tend to hoard thier treatbox's and can get quite territorial when it comes to this property of thiers. This is due to the fact that so many of their own treatbox's have been infected with their 'brotha's' nigger aids, and as we all know, the niggers are alergic to the nigger aids, so they stay as far away from them as possible. This results in an abundance of niggeraids treatbox's, most of which happen to be white bitches because no self respecting nigger would ever sleep with a monkey.
yo, man, that bitch had a tasty little treatbox for me to hump last night, but I humped her leg instead.

HEY, that bitches nasty little treatbox infected me with the nigger aids. Now I have to go back to africa. damn african bush niggers!
by T.N.S April 05, 2011
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