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Girls in the Las Vegas club scene who dress to impress every night and wear too much makeup in order to meet ballers in the VIP section. Kinda like a gold digger...but less classy and not as pretty.
Lauren: WOW! Spot that Treasure Troll by the bar trying to get a free drink from that old rich man!

John: That girl went to my high school!
by LBoogie702 October 21, 2011
An ugly or elderly woman wealthy enough to be seemingly attractive.
Guy 1 -"Dude, let's go to the bingo palace and pick us up a couple of treasure trolls."

Guy 2 - "No way dude, last time I got mauled by a leopold ! "
by Sparky347 July 21, 2011
a solid gold artifact reminiscent of a pink-haired gnome. the most prized lawn centerpiece according to nordic legend.
James: some jackfuck stole the pink flamingo in my lawn yesterday
Wilbert: fuckshit man. at least they didn't find my mothafuckin treasure troll.
by sven olefson June 25, 2005