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When you are involved in a long drive and your ass starts to get sore or numb. Travel Ass is not limited to just car trips, but the terminology changes to match whatever activity is involved with long amounts of sitting and going numb. When you play video games for too long, it becomes Gamer's Ass. When you work an office job, it becomes Office Ass, etc.
Ted: Man, that was a long trip. I had difficulty getting out of the car.

Ned: Bet it feels good to get rid of that travel ass.


Ted: *stands up*

Ned: If you're going to the kitchen, can you bring me a beer?

Ted: Nah man, I was just stretching for a bit to relieve my gamer's ass.

Ned: Oh, I see. Good idea.
by Nemephosis October 10, 2011

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