(n.) An emotional upset created upon having to plunge a toilet with an ugly, smelly, hairy turd in it. Said to be so upsetting that the person plunging the toilet gags and often becomes nauseated . The worst case scenario is the turd not going down, and withering from the toilet bowl to the floor, where the person with the plunger has to run to avoid a spattering or being bitten.
In most cases immature plungers are said to experience Ophidiophobia, ((fear of snakes)), You may suffer from snake phobia due to a childhood incident or maybe because of societal upbringing. Most people are afraid of turds for it is their belief that the turd ((as it relates to the form of a snake)) is a form of evil and that it can cause complete destruction in life.
Tommy was leaning against the wall , just outside the bathroom entrance with a plunger in his hand, he was shaking and holding his nose. I knew right away that Tommy had the Traumatic Turd Syndrome.
by jeffbo June 23, 2009
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