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A female EMT or Paramedic (no they are not the same). Usually arrives at the scene of a car crash caused by a drunk idiot.other dumbass. Appears out of a large truck with flashing lights and woo-woo sounds. Generally saves lives in Trauma situations where people were too stupid not to get hurt.
I thought it would be a good idea to see if my gun was loaded by shooting at my brother. Then I had to call the amb-ooooo-lance people and one was a girl...ahem, a trauma queen
by Noname emt June 30, 2011
1. A person who frequently uses past trauma(s) to justify everything they do, or don't do.
2. A person whose traumatic perception of the past has rendered them almost creepily secretive and closed off in even the most mundane of situations and interactions.
3. A person thrives on constantly putting themselves in harm's way.
I don't know why Jessica has to be such a trauma queen about everything, did you see the way she just looked at me? All I did was ask her if she liked camping... is there some kind of horrible childhood wilderness event that I was supposed to know about?
by Sweet Reverie June 14, 2011
A drama queen with the explicit goal of committing social maliciousness or perpetually acts as the quintessential self-proclaimed victim.
Susie tripped Mandi on purpose and then played trauma queen when she whined about her shoe getting scratched.
by Stacey *iz* hisrockstaR August 22, 2009
A person (generally female) who acts as if she is severly dysfunctional for attention. Similar to a Drama Queen, except Trauma Queens play the "little lost girl" role. Usually she will tell you a heartbreaking story of being abused, raped, incarcerated, or hospitalized and suffering from severe emotional disorders. They frequently have fake nervous breakdowns or "wrist cutting episodes" where they scratch their arms up a little with a safety pin.
Kate says she is having catatonic episodes again from being raped in a Turkish prison, lol, what a Trauma queen.
by Lord Sidius January 27, 2006

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